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Posted on: March 7, 2017


The Town Council, Police Department and Town Management have received a number of comments, expression of concern and questions related to federal immigration policy and the role of local government. The Town’s position on working with our residents and visitors has not changed. We will continue to provide Town services and programs to all. We do not check on resident status for programs. The same standards apply today that have applied in the past. The Town has not and does not intend to take any proactive approach to enforce federal laws, and as in the case of detaining immigrants we do not have the legal authority to do so. This federal law is outside of the role of local law enforcement.

We will continue to respond to requests for services, to keep the people of Mammoth Lakes safe and to provide a supportive business climate. To the extent we are called on to assist or take action to take into custody individuals with outstanding warrants or caught in committing a crime in Mammoth Lakes we will continue to serve our community and keep it safe. If those committing crimes are here illegally then they will be held accountable according to law. For normal day-to-day law enforcement operations, such as stopping someone for speeding, running a red light, DUI, or failure to obey traffic signs, etc. our officers will continue to give out warnings, tickets or other appropriate actions. This does not include turning a person over to federal authorities. Our officers do not and will not inquire about legal status of individuals. Local officials are not notified prior to any action being taken by federal authorities (ICE) and therefore we are not in a position to assist them.

The businesses in the Town of Mammoth Lakes employee hundreds of workers of various nationalities and ethnic backgrounds. All of us have come here to make Mammoth Lakes a great place to live, work and play. The fear and anxiety created through rumors and incorrect facts has not served our community well. The concerns expressed over the role or involvement of local officials in any immigration actions are not based on facts. It is our goal that all of us continue to enjoy a safe and productive time in Mammoth Lakes which includes not responding in fear to false rumors. The Town of Mammoth Lakes will continue to be proactive in providing services, programs and keeping all of the people of Mammoth Lakes safe and supporting our local business community.

Signed Open Letter...
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