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2016 MLR Interim Funding Cycle

On December 2, 2015, the Mammoth Lakes Town Council by resolution awarded Measure U funds for special events/arts and culture programs as recommended by Mammoth Lakes Recreation. If your organization received funding, please reference the Distribution Process below for instructions and information for the collection of funds.

All inquiries regarding the distribution of funds should be directed to Stuart Brown, Recreation Manager for the Town of Mammoth Lakes.


All funded projects will receive a Letter of Agreement from the Town of Mammoth Lakes outlining the responsibilities and requirements for their event or program. Each agreement is customized for each recipient based on the category of award (direct/repayment) and approved use of funds.

As stated in the agreement, each recipient will be required to submit a Performance Report no later than 30 days after the event that includes a detailed expense report with the submittal of detailed receipts, providing proof of how Measure U funds were spent.

Please reference the document section below to assist you in completing the funding requirements as stated in the Town of Mammoth Lakes Letter of Agreement.


Form A: Resolution No. 15-67 (Schedule A)
Form B: Special Event Permit Application
Form C: Special Event Information Guide
Form D: Performance Report
Form E: Expenditure Form         
Form F: Measure U Ordinance (No. 10-04).                                     

Note: All forms are provided in a PDF format. Word documents/Excel spreadsheets are available upon request.

  • All MLR funding recommendations are subject to Town Council review and approval.
  • Both capital and non-capital projects will be considered for funding. MLR reserves the right to not recommend funding for all projects.
  • All funded projects receive a letter of agreement from the Town of Mammoth Lakes and must produce a post-project performance report and P&L statement.
  • Fast Track Only. MLR has produced a simplified Funding Request Form for this cycle. Consideration of complex or controversial projects that require additional study beyond the scope of the attached form will be deferred to a future funding cycle.
  • Leveraged Funding. Town Council has tasked MLR with reviewing all relevant projects currently in the town pipeline and prioritizing funding recommendations once this interim funding cycle is complete. MLR will also publish a document detailing the strategic vision and reasoning behind its recommendations. This work is ongoing, but a core component of MLR’s emerging strategic vision is the facilitation of better partnerships and coordination among town organizations and supporting projects that add long-term value to the community and develop shared resources for other groups, events or projects. This priority will figure prominently in the board’s deliberations during this interim funding cycle.
  • No Marketing. MLR supports the development of a collaborative marketing strategy for town events and is working with town partners to develop an effective solution. Marketing will therefore NOT be considered a legitimate expenditure for this limited-scope funding cycle.
  • Collective Transit. MLR intends to fund trolley service for projects in collaboration with the Town of Mammoth Lakes. Please contact Grady Dutton at (760) 934-8989 ext. 257 to coordinate trolley service for your project.

  1. Review the scope of this interim funding cycle carefully.
  2. Fill out the attached Funding Request Form and be sure to include the required Executive Summary and project budget. Each project must submit separate Funding Request Forms.
  3. Request Form and attachments must be received by 12 p.m. (noon) on Friday, November 6, 2015. Late applications will not be considered. It is the applicant’s responsibility to confirm receipt.
  4. You may submit your Request Form and attachments in three ways:


Mammoth Lakes Recreation will not fund the following: 

  • Events not open to the public
  • Capital improvements (building or facility re-models) for your specific event
  • Debt and deficit reduction
  • Salaries, other compensation and employee benefits
  • Business travel and entertainment
  • Lobbying any public agency or office
  • Organizations/events that receive current fiscal year line item budgetary support from the Town
  • Events that do not directly benefit the Town of Mammoth Lakes
  • Marketing

The Mammoth Lakes Recreation Allocation Committee will consider first year events or one-time event funding applications if a compelling reason for funding exists and directly benefits the Town of Mammoth Lakes.


Funding recipients are required to:

  • Submit a Performance Report within 30 days of the event or prior to the next funding cycle. 
  • Fulfill the requirements of the Town Special Event Permit. 
  • Acknowledge the Mammoth Lakes Recreation’s funding level in sponsorship packages and inclusion of the Mammoth Lakes Recreation logo and Town of Mammoth Lakes logo on all printed material, website, and social media channels and if possible, any radio advertising. Staff will provide formatted logos and use requirements and will be required to review all material that includes the MLR logo. 
  • Have a plan for administering the required event survey (Staff, iPad, stationary/roaming, etc.).
  • For small events: complete the minimum of 50 events surveys. Large events: survey 4% of your events participants. Staff will determine the size of your event. 
  • Conduct the event in an ethical manner while being good stewards and ambassadors of the Town. 
  • Abide by the requirements listed in the Wildlife Management Checklist, and submittal of a trash management plan as part of the event’s Operations Plan, along with securing all the required permits.

The 2016 MLR Interim Funding Cycle application form is available in WORD or PDF formats.

Please contact MLR Executive Director Rich Boccia for additional information, clarification and support with the submission of your application.

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