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Summer Camp Volunteer Program:

If you are interested in volunteering please email: Parksandrec@townofmammothlakes.ca.gov

We are excited to offer the opportunity for volunteers to partner with us to help deliver quality summer camp programs.  Volunteers are welcome on a case by case basis (contingent on background check and application process).  We take all ages from 14 - 199! 

Whether you need some some volunteer hours, you want to serve the community, or you're just looking for a fun way to pass a week of summer (looking at you 16 year olds!) we're a rad place to help out.  

High School Students looking to volunteer should enroll in our C.I.T. Program. (Counselor in Training).  

We are offering the following Camps this summer:

Mountain Bike Camp:  Adventure Camp:  Sampler Camp:  Wave Rave Skateboard Camp:  Youth Theatre Camp:  Explorers 1/2 Day Camps:  Sports Camp:  Nature Camp:  Climbing Camp:  Art and Photography Camps:  Counselor in Training:  Aquatics Camp:  

View the Itineraries Below.  Click the Left or Right Arrows to Change the Itinerary being Viewed.

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