3789 Main Street Development

The proposed twelve-unit multi-family residential townhome development features four 3-story tri-plex structures ranging in size from 10,571 square feet to 10,765 square feet. Each tri-plex  structure provides three separate 2-car garages on the first floor,  and includes three levels of living space with an overall building height of forty-feet . The first floor of the project sits below street level by an approximate  9-foot grade difference and is largely obscured from view at the property’s Main Street frontage.  The first floor of each unit is comprised of a single bedroom, entryway, bathroom and 2-car garage. The second and third levels feature 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a multi-purpose room, kitchen and family space, along with private balconies. In addition to two private balconies, each unit also has a private exterior yard which is enclosed by fencing and tall shrubs.  Additionally, an ADA accessible walkway that leads from the residential units to a Town-proposed multi-use path along the Main Street public right of way has been added in coordination with the Public Works Department.

The design of the units accomplishes a mountain modern aesthetic that is appropriate in the context of the surrounding neighborhood while providing a color palette composed of neutral earth tones that blends with the mountainous backdrop. The primary exterior building materials  include vertical metal seam siding,  horizontal  wood plank siding, and  natural stone veneer panels (AAA Natural Stone) accents. Black metal trim is used throughout the exterior to frame windows and architectural features. The proposed natural stone veneer provides a clear distinction between the building base and wall materials .The proposed exterior light fixtures are fully screened and oriented downward. Site lighting poles used for accents and pedestrian safety are implemented with partial shielding by using fixtures with obscured glass and a maximum output of four hundred lumens.  and the proposed windows are conditioned to utilize Low-e glass or equivalent factory installed tinting on windows that are directed towards Town to reduce interior light escape.

The site plan indicates that three trees over 12 inches in diameter at breast height (DBH) will be preserved while 16 trees over 12 inches DBH will be removed.  A preliminary landscape plan includes tree plantings at strategic locations around the structure to help blend into the natural setting and buffer the visibility of the structures from Town. 

Design Committee

A Design Committee meeting will be help on November 4, 2022, prior to the November 8th PEDC meeting. Below is a link the memo.