Municipal Wayfinding and Community Messaging


The purpose of the Municipal Wayfinding and Community Messaging Program is to create a comprehensive signage and wayfinding program in the Town of Mammoth Lakes. The program is intended to:

  • Show continued progress toward implementing district planning goals, particularly with regard to Main Street revitalization;
  • Support economic development goals;
  • Serve a broad audience, including private autos, commercial vehicles, transit users, bicyclists, and pedestrians and that serves both visitors and residents;
  • Provide directional guidance to various public and private destinations in Mammoth Lakes, including parks, recreation opportunities, public parking and facilities, etc.;
  • Reflect General Plan goals related to Community Design, Mobility, and Neighborhood and District Character, including advancing community “feet-first” goals;
  • Reduce visual clutter to the extent feasible; and
  • Be consistent with Town of Mammoth Lakes Design Guidelines.

Development of Final Draft Signage Design and Master Plan

In April, during their first visit, MERJE collected a range of design examples to use as a basis for the development of the signage design. The design inspiration reflects Mammoth Lakes’ mountain resort character and complements existing design references, such as the MLTS wayfinding program, the new “branding’ identity adopted by the Town and Mammoth Lakes Tourism, and the Mammoth Gateway Community Monument.

Based on the design references and initial input received from the Committee and stakeholders, MERJE developed three concept designs which are provided in Section 2 of the Master Plan. The concepts were persented to the Committee, stakeholders, and Planning Commission in June 2012 and concensus direction was obtained to develop a final design that incorporated the elements from design options 1 and 3, which received the most positive feedback from the groups. The final design in in Section 3 of the Master Plan.

Planning Commission Staff Reports

Existing Signage Inventory

In September 2011, Town staff began preparing a GIS database of existing Town signage for use in the Municipal Wayfinding and Community Messaging Program to establish existing conditions and identify issues and needs.