Mammoth Creek Inn

Construction for Mammoth Creek Inn expansion began in summer of 2019.

The Mammoth Creek Inn (MCI) expansion is a proposed condo/hotel development, which will add 12 condo/hotel units within two buildings, located behind the existing 26-unit hotel. Covered parking for the new units will be provided on the ground floor of the two proposed buildings. The applicants submitted for a Tentative Tract Map (TTM 14-004) and a Design Review-Major (DR 14-002). The new units will be privately owned, but will be managed and rented by the hotel management and services (i.e., housekeeping, maintenance, etc.) will be provided by the hotel staff.

The proposed circulation on the site will change from the existing layout, where vehicles enter and exit onto Old Mammoth Road to a one-way circulation plan, where vehicles will enter from Old Mammoth Road and exit via the Cast-Off property onto Chateau Road. There is an existing easement through the Cast-Off property allowing for this. This layout allows for angled parking spaces for the existing hotel to be located on the southern edge of the property.

The MCI is requesting an increase in density (allowable density is 31 units) by paying an in-lieu fee that will go towards funding a transit shelter. The in-lieu fee amount ($6,000) is based on the previously evaluated Concept Review application which included a ’Community Benefits and Incentive Zoning (CBIZ)’ proposal (see below for more information).

Tentative tract maps and design review-major applications require approval by the Planning and Economic Development Commission at a public hearing.

Approval Documents

Approved by the Planning and Economic Development Commission on November 12, 2014.

Planning and Economic Development Commission, November 12, 2014

Planning and Economic Development Commission - Public Hearing
 November 12, 2014 at 2 pm
At this public hearing, the Planning and Economic Development Commission approved the project with a unanimous (5-0) vote to approve the project with conditions of approval as modified with two additional conditions by the Commission.

Updated Plans and Information

Submitted 10/22/2014

Submitted 9/15/2014

Application Materials (Submitted 7/28/2014)

2013 Concept Review and CBIZ Proposal (Closed)

The owner of Mammoth Creek Inn has made improvements over the past few years to revitalize the existing hotel. A concept review application (i.e., preliminary idea and plans for a possible future development project) was submitted for an expansion at the Mammoth Creek Inn in 2012.

The conceptual expansion included the addition of three separate buildings towards the rear of the site that would include 12 rooms within 9 condo-hotel units. The proposed rooms would result in 7 rooms over the maximum allowable base density of 40 rooms/acre. As a result, the owner proposed to have the density allowed pursuant to the current Community Benefits and Incentive Zoning (CBIZ) Policy. The community benefit proposed is the provision of in-lieu fees towards a transit stop or shelter in the vicinity of the project. The third party financial analysis identified that approximately $6,000 would be a reasonable request of in-lieu fees for this project’s CBIZ proposal.

The Planning Commission discussed the concept review application on January 9, 2013 and the Town Council discussed the CBIZ proposal on January 23, 2013.

The Concept Review has been closed and the next steps for this project are for the applicant to incorporate feedback from the Commission and Council and submit for a tentative map, use permit, and design review application.

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