Community Engagement

We Want to Hear From You!

The community is encouraged and invited to participate, comment and engage in the plan Mammoth Creek Park process. It is the intent of the Town to create a ‘recreation destination’ or sense of ‘place’ that the entire community of Mammoth Lakes will actively use, value and ultimately be proud to call their ‘Park.’

Be part of your Town’s recreation future by participating in the Plan Mammoth Creek Park project.

This website is the main source of information that will be regularly updated to keep you informed of the Plan Mammoth Creek Park project. There are also several ways that you can stay up to date or engage in this project.

  • Send the project team an email
  • Scheduled Print Ads and Public Notices will be published in local papers
  • Subscribe to the planMCP opt-in Notify Me list to receive frequent communication regarding the project
  • Look for PLAN Your PARK posters and bilingual postcards throughout Town
  • Listen to local radio stations for project updates, and join us at several presentations to local community groups, clubs and organizations.
  • Check your mailbox for a letter regarding public meetings if your property is located in close proximity to the proposed Community Multi-Use Facilities project at Mammoth Creek Park West.