Facilities Planning and Design

On January 6, 2016, Town Council authorized the Town Manager to finalize scope and fee negotiations and execute an agreement with the top ranked consultant (HMC Architects) for architectural and engineering design services for new Community Multi-Use Facilities.

The process included site planning, required environmental documentation, planning approvals, design and construction phase consultant services. The original Multi-Use Facility, and subsequent rink and roof projects were rejected in 2018 and more recently in 2019 by Town Council due to the excessive cost. 

Town Staff in partnership with HMC Architects and Vanir Construction determined that a fabric tensile structure, commonly called Sprung, meets the all-in $13 Million budget and exceeds the desired programming identified in the community derived Playbooks. On June 5, 2019, Town Council directed staff to move forward with the project and return to Town Council for award.  

Preliminary facility designs can be viewed online

Background - Ice Rink History

The Town has been engaged in finding a permanent location for the Multi-Use Facility with a focus on the operation of an ice rink since 1998. A covered ice rink has been highly anticipated by our skating and recreation community.

From 1999-2004 the Town operated a seasonal ice rink at the Mammoth RV Park that was well attended, but escalating operating costs required the Town to find another location for the Facility. In 2007 the Town entered into a long-term agreement with the Mammoth Unified School District (MUSD) and the Mono County Office of Education (MCOE) on two acres of land adjacent to the District offices to construct and operate a Multi-Use Facility. A year-round facility gained momentum in 2007 when the Town was awarded State Park Grants in the amount of approximately $754,000 to construct a permanent Facility. The grants plus Town funds provided for the completion of the facility. A planned roof along with other site improvements was not completed due to escalating costs.

From 2007-2010 the Town operated the ice rink on a temporary basis on leased District property that averaged over 6,000 skaters per winter. In 2011, Measure R funds contributed to the installation of a permanent ice rink slab and from 2012 the Town has been operating the Facility year-round as an ice rink in winter and the Mammoth RecZone (inline/roller skating, skate ramps, volleyball, etc.) in summer. Visitation at the ice rink peaked at 11,209 in 2011/12 and has averaged approximately 7,700+ skaters per year during the 10 year period. The Mammoth Ice Rink located adjacent to the Mammoth Lakes Library officially closed on March 6, 2022.